You Hate Long Gym Workouts?

Man, what a question, we all hate Long Gym Workouts – nontheless we have to spend that time, otherwise without that all our efforts will be ineffectively finally. NO NO NO, believe me, that is not true!! We always have been told that, but once again: that is not true! I know trainers make it hard for their clients so they can feel superior… they make it seem like, well I can do it… but I guess you can’t!” They steady repeat the same stupid saying no pain no gain – but “no pain no gain” is bull. There is a program out there, that tells us how short we can make our workout, even unbelievable short, “only training 7 minutes a day, 3 times per week” – isn’t that something? Friends, I cannot stress that enough, just go for that  one of a kind program and enjoy it’s effectiveness.