The easiest way to Get In Shape

So, here I am, starting the discussing about the “No pain no gain” saying and the easiest way to get in shape. Probably you may have heard about the controversy among the world’s elite fitness trainers. That is the new “only training 7 minutes a day, 3 times per week” program that has rocked the foundation of the fitness industry as we know it! Chris claims the attitude that fitness should be
hard and tough is a product of insecure trainers who want to project their own toughness. “Trainers make it hard for their clients so they can feel superior…they make it seem like, well I can do it…but I guess you can’t!” AND “Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry yet obesity is out of control! People turn to the fitness industry for help and get garbage and nonsense in return….fitness does not have to be hard, in fact it is quite easy to lose weight without suffering!”