How to Get In Shape Part 2

Okay, last time I talked about some personal basic principles to get in shape. Today I’m going to proceed. My first point was eat everything, but not too much. Today I can tell you 2 more facts I steady follow. And please believe me… I really do: Stay away from “Industrial Sugar” (prefere natural sugar like fruits or dried fruits and vegetables) and stay away from “Animal Fat” generally. Of course, it is not necessary to stay away in the whole, you just gotta find a reasonable way. Listen to your body – believe me, your body tells you the truth, always, to what is good for you and what not. Here is an example: I like drinking an espresso in the morning and another one after lunch. I like it sweet and I do not like a sweetener. I steady use my brown sugar. Important here, I only drink those TWO espresso, not more, not 5 or 6… and because of that, that 2 little spoons of industrial sugar does not have a negative effect on my body. As I said in my last blog “eat everything, but never too much”.