Best Fitness Program

Everybodey wants to be fit and healthy and strong and is on the search for the Best Fitness Program… you know what I mean. To be fit can not be taken for granted. To be fit is somthing one has to earn so to speak. You have to do something, sometimes even a lot. On the other hand I can say, in case you are steady being alert and take care for some little things it is absolutely no problem at all. Then, the best fitness program is a piece of cake. Oscar Peterson would say it’s a cakedance. Consider what you are going to eat and how much you consume. Do some sport but not too much, don’t strain yourself. That’s it for the most, which is a good basis. Of course, there is so much offered on the market, and here comes problem. What the heck, is the best fitness program for me? In continuation of what I just said we need a program of this kind. Now, I have already found such a thing which is great and works best for me. It’s the “only training 7 minutes a day, 3 times per week” program. Ever heard of?